RVs – Or, Can I Live In My Car

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles

Motorhomes (or RVs) are huge recreational vehicles that offer you living accommodation apart from allowing you the ability to move around. RVs are mostly used for leisure travel and are particularly used when travelling long distances by road. The RV can provide living accommodation to a maximum of ten people. They are very common in Western Europe apart from the United States itself. The RV comes with all the features that you’d come across in a house. For instance, these mobile homes come with eight to ten beds, a kitchenette and a bathroom which comes with full fledged features like a sink, a flush and a bath tub. Similarly, kitchens come with all equipment that you’d find in a normal kitchen. Some ultra-luxury RVs come with a television and a microwave as well. The concept has become so popular in some countries that people have started renting these recreational vehicles to go on holidays and trips. They also come with the most exquisite seats and materials that have prompted people to stay in RVs instead of rented houses.

Of late, the concept of RVs is being compared to the situation of living in one’s own car. Though there is a vast distinction between the two in many aspects, the concept of living in one’s car has also gained a lot of credence, especially in wake of the global financial crisis that saw many people losing their homes.

Living in one’s car definitely does not allow you the opportunity to enjoy the facilities of the RV. In fact, a car is about one eighth the size of a regular recreational vehicle. These aspects notwithstanding, the idea of living in one’s car is becoming all the more widespread. Opinions have revealed that living in one’s own car is not really a bad idea after all. If you intend on living in your car, here are a few tips that you could follow.

Ensure your car is in running condition

This point is definitely not worth mentioning but is something that has to be. People have customized their stay in their cars by attaching curtains and mini beds. And, if things have to go on the way they are, your car definitely has to be working.

Find a safe place to park

This is a vital aspect. Find a safe and secure place that would best serve the purpose. Moreover, there are many places that allow you to park your car. You can probably park your car at the church parking lot, the university parking, or just park in a business or industrial estate in the night. Parking in most of the above mentioned is not only legal, but serves a good element of security as well.

Find a place to shower

You can opt for community centers, swimming pools, caravan parks, or gyms. Choose the right place in line with your affordability.

Use a car cover

You can consider doing this if the weather is very hot. It best serves the purpose.

Use your vehicle battery creatively

You can use the vehicle battery for cooking and lighting by drawing power from the battery. It is definitely feasible.



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